Thuuuuuuursday ★

Hello again!

This morning I went to work and found this on my desk!


Isn’t it so cute?! My ex-manager gave it to my team. It’s cute and odd at the same time. Hahah.
I heard it’s a jam-filled biscuit, shall try it tomorrow and see how is it 🙂

Then, the boyfriend and I went to PastaMania for dinner today…


I ordered the Turkey Bacon Cheesy Crumbles, with linguine:

Hmmm. The last time I shared this with my bestie, it tasted better, not as dry… this time around, the sauce “dried up” pretty fast, making it all sticky at the end. Not too appetising after a while…

Oh, backtrack my day a bit…. I had a nice latte this afternoon! From dr. Cafe Coffee:


I like the stirrer! That pattern!

Well that ends my simple day today.

Tomorrow is day off! Woosh~ ♡

How was your day today?

♥ Cres