East Escapade – The Coastal Settlement & Chock Full of Beans

After hearing all the raving reviews (well, reading) & friends’ recommendations on The Coastal Settlement & Chock Full of Beans (well their cute latte art caught my attention actually…), a couple of us decided that it’s time to give it a go.

Located at the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar East, I thought it’d be impossible to get there by mere public transport (not including cabs of course). But lo and behold, it’s actually possible! Like there was a bus stop right outside of  TCS! The journey of course was a long one…

We reached The Coastal Settlement at around 3ish?4ish? And they don’t serve mains at that time, so we settled on sides. We wanted to order the wagyu beef cubes but it was out, so we settled on truffle fries (which imo was a tad oily and not too frangrant) & calamari rings.

Le friend ordered this black forest in a jar dessert, he said it was normal, no wow factor.

While I didn’t take many photos of the food like my previous posts, I did take photos of the surroundings. It’s a nice place to just chill and relax. Though I’ve also heard their dinner is pretty good (and there’s always a queue…).



After that, we took a bus straight to Changi Village interchange and headed to Chock Full of Beans for coffee.

We ordered a Caramel Machiatto,  a Rose Latte, and an iced Hazelnut Latte with the 3D foam art!


Caramel Machiatto with Spongebob


Rose Latte with Pooh bear and petals


Iced Hazelnut Latte with a 3D foam kitty!!!

Mine was the rose latte and I enjoyed it! The aroma from the rose and the coffee blended well together, and it’s not too sweet.

Would I go back to either again? Well, it depends. The long journey by train and bus can be quite tiring, so unless I’m really craving for something that only either can offer (like the 3D foam kitty…), chances are pretty slim. Though of course if I happen to be around the East area, perhaps I’ll drop by again.

The Coastal Settlement is located at:
200 Netheravon Rd,
Singapore 508529


Chock Full of Beans is located at:
4 Changi Village Rd,
Singapore 500004