NOTD – Pink nails for October

Happy midweek!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month – wearing pink shows your support and awareness.
Breast cancer is the no.1 killer for women in Singapore. So ladies, remember to do your regular checkups and see a doctor when you suspect possible symptoms!

I did simple pink nails for BCA 2014.
First time dealing with rhinestones and turned out ok ๐Ÿ™‚


Think Pink. Fight like a Girl.

Remember to spread the awareness. And not only just this month, but all year round. Ignorance can be one’s downfall too.

Till next time ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

โ™ฅ Cres


NOTD – floral nails, 2nd take

It’s October already! 
Pity we don’t have 4 seasons over here in Singapore… I’d have imagined that fall would be my favorite season (well I guess spring too). It’s just the colors…

Well anyway, I’ve tried another holo-roses combination!
I’m still not great with it… while painting on the roses, instead of doing it freely, I tend to 2nd guess myself first. I’ll need to work on that…

But here it is – I’m still excited about it regardless!!


Nude holo with red/pink roses

The base color is a pretty nude/tan holo – Cherubic by Color Club. Then I used acrylic paint for the roses.


A different pose....


In the "flash"...

What do y’all think?  Let me know!

Till next time!

โ™ฅ Cres

NOTD – Of holos and purple roses

It’s end September already! Time sure zooms past… Annnnnd I’ve still got pending cafe posts….
Well, before we go into that, check out my nails this week! 

Initially, I started the week with a simple holo gradient:


Pretty holo 😍

I absolutely adore Color Club Holo Hues! I’m still in need of the others! Yes, in need….
On here I’ve got Kismet & Miss Bliss.  A contrasting gradient I must say, but I thought of doing something different.

Then just last night, I decided… why not doodle on these nails? Mind you, I’m not artist, but hey, never hurts to try right?
So while I was staring at my paint set, wondering what to do with my nails, I thought I’d give ‘realistic roses’ a shot.
If you’ve been following my on instagram or reading my posts, it was only a few months ago that I tried painting simple roses (well, 3 rose-manis till date…not a lot I know), so I decided to give it another go… plus I’ve seen so many beautiful floral nails on my Instagram feed! Ahhh pretty florals โ™ก

And heres what I got!


Purply roses โ™ก



I actually quite liked how it came out! I will need to try other combinations and definitely practise on this!

Whaddya think about my first try on realistic roses? Let me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a great week ahead!! โ˜†โ˜†โ˜†

โ™ฅ Cres

NOTD – Galaxy Nails

Happy Monday morning!

A quick post on my first attempt on galaxy nails! I realised how long it’s been since my last nail post….

Well here you go! It’s not too shabby eh! At least from my perspective ๐Ÿ™‚
I was pretty apprehensive in doing this initially but it turned out to be pretty easy! I just needed to remind myself not to be tooooo precise. Hahaha.


A closeup...

Let me know what you think!

Have a great week y’all! โ™ก

I used these nails for this Sally Hansen SG facebook nailart contest (ends 19 Sep, 3pm (GMT +8)! If you like it, help me like it here.
Thank you!! โ™ก

โ™ฅ Cres

NOTD – of stripes and roses

It’s Friday!!!!!!!
Like finally! The weekend couldn’t come soon enough! It’s been a crazy crazy cuh-reh-zeh week at work and things will only get crazier…

Anyway, my oumaxi paint came in the mail on tuesday! And I had to try it out. Like really, had to.
So I decided to paint some roses (been practising roses lately). But instead of the usual, I decided to do a kinda like outline for the rose.

Annnnnd… here it is….


The base colors are OPI Alpine Snow and China Glaze Aquadelic, roses are painted and outlined with Oumaxi acrylic paint.
All topped with a generous coat of Glisten & Glow’s HK Girl Topcoat โ™ก

Here’s another closer shot…


And, here we are, 3 days later and my mani is still looking fresh!


What do you think of my first attempt on outlined roses? I personally like it, but of course more practice is needed!

Have a great weekend y’all!

โ™ฅ Cres

NOTD – of Pastels & Gradient

Happy Belated Easter!
Boy was it a loooong weekend (I took the day off on Monday as well) heh.

Just a short post on my Easter nails.
All soft and pastel-y. Loved the way the colors blended.
Oh, and that was the 1st time I used striping tapes.  Hahha. Nice crisp lines โ™ก


Pastel Easter nails โ™ก

What did you have on for Easter? Link them to me in the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

Till next time~

โ™ฅ Cres

NOTD – of roses and laces

Goooooood Monday morning!
Mehh… it’s monday again, and before I get swamped with work again, I thought I’d share a mani I did last night.

Last week, I attempted nail art with polish for the first time, sure was tricky…
But ended up with this:

Not too shabby hey… was pretty surprised by the outcome! My mum thought I stamped the roses, so I guess that’s something huh.

Well last night, I wanted to try mini florals, after seeing so many beautiful creation on Instagram. And since my acrylic paint has yet arrived… I decided to use polishes again.

I attempted a roses and lace design. Well the lace was a first… I definitely need to work on it, and get a thinner brush… hahah.
Here’s what I got:


A closer look at the lace and floral design

And then I decided to do more roses on my thumb and here’s the result…

I used OPI Eurso Euro (2013 Spring Collection) and Liquid Sky Lacquer’s White Christmas as my base. And various Sinful Colors, China Glaze, Essie polishes for the designs.

Tell me what you think of this design, I definitely need more practise….

Annnnyway, have a great week ahead lovelies! Till next time~

โ™ฅ Cres