The Tiramisu Hero – a Roman cat mascot called Sir Antonio

I admit, I’m a bad blogger… Heck, I’m terrible. I just checked and my last post was April…

While I have soooooo many things to post – cafes I’ve been to, nailart to share, I haven’t found the time to do so.

Yes yes, some may say we should try and commit some time to write our posts, but hey, I haven’t got a laptop at home, and typing a whole chunk of words on my mobile via the wordpress app is tiring. Super.tiring.

Well, back to the subject matter at hand…

I visited this cafe back in April and that marked the start of my monthly cafe hopping trips with my longtime friend Candy ā¤

The Tiramisu Hero.

The first cafe we visited in the Jalan Besar area.
It was our first time at that area so we didn’t know which route to take, so instead of walking straight, past the Jalan Besar stadium like we should have (since it was the easiest route), we actually walked to the CC instead! Then past the swimming complex and finally found the place…

Ahhh, a pretty lawn right outside (nope, I didn’t take a photo). We would’ve opted sitting outside but it was drizzling so off to the comfort of shelter we go… Also, thanks to the rain, we got a seat immediately! We even managed to switch seats. Hahah.

All over the walls were pictures of their mascot – Sir Antonio.



Ladders on the ceiling?? Interesting….

I love the cover of their menu, back to basics with just black on white.


Oh and before I start on the food… look at this! Thought it was pretty cute, though I didn’t take a photo on the actual snails… heh

Alrighty, off to the food we ordered.
We looked through the menu, back and forth, and decided to order a couple of things to share.

Here’s the almost-cliche over-the-top food picture:


For starters, we had Chunky Mushroom Soup ($6):


The soup was creamy but not overly creamy. Though I thought the star of this dish is, ironically, the garlic bread. It is to die for. I loved it! And you can order it as a side too. I would have but since we already placed our other food orders, I decided to forgo it… ._.

Our main was this Hero Fun Pun Bun ($9.80):


Photo credit to Candy~


We didn’t see many reviews on this, so we decided to just try for it ourselves. Plus it had a heart next to this, pretty sure that means one of their favorites. Hahah. The pork was succulent and the egg balanced the whole thing so it didn’t get overly saltish with the meat and bacon. Not too bad!

Coffee time!

Candy had the Mocha ($5.50):


And I had the Vanilla Latte ($6.50):


I loved the Vanilla Latte. It’s about the best vanilla latte I’ve had. The aroma of the coffee and the vanilla was so well balanced (not overly sweet!). It was so fragrant and rich! I was in loooooove ā¤

For desserts…
We ordered the Waffles Woo ($7) and topped it with Strawberries (+$2).


The waffle is light and fluffy! The strawberries fresh. Simplicity at its best šŸ™‚

And we couldn’t just leave this place without trying their famous tiramisu now can we… Of course not!

We had the Milo Mommahero ($7.50)! Their signature packaging is oh-so-cute and that stamp!!! And it was good too!



Even we had to take a photo each with the cute jar ^-^


Now we’re all fed, it’s time to go… Candy couldn’t resist having a Sir Antonio headshot:


Awww and I thought this was pretty cute:


And that was it!

Now it’s your turn to visit The Tiramisu Hero! (The link leads you to their website)

The Tiramisu Hero is located at:
121 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207548
(about a 5 to 10 mins walk from Lavender MRT station)

Till next time!

Oh and this is me… signing off!


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