Saturday with the GFFs ♡

Hello hello! I know it’s been a while. I’ve been so caught up with everything else that I’ve neglected this blog. (._.)

Well today I went with my GFFs to watch Hossan Leong’s A Singaporean in Paris!

It was sooooooo good. Magnifique! The set, the songs, the singing, the performance was wow. I really enjoyed myself! We thought of perhaps buying a copy of their CD or something cuz we really enjoyed the songs but alas, there was none.

After that, we went to Createaf Waffles (located at the 1st level of The Cathay) for some waffles that we’ve been craving for weeks!


Createaf Waffles

And we ordered a set “meal” each ($12.50). Each set comes with your choice of waffles and drinks. When you do the math, it’s pretty worth it – if you’re getting drinks along with your waffle that is. Each waffle set is priced at $9.90, and drinks are mostly $4.90 to $5.50.

Here’s what we got:
Sinfully Chocolate


Sinfully Chocolate with vanilla ice cream

Sinfully Chocolate was, well, all chocolate. Reeeeally sinful. It was waffles topped with chocolate syrup & coco crunch. The vanilla ice cream was made with actual vanilla beans so it’s fragrant.
Anyone who has baked and used vanilla beans before can tell you that it’s faaaaaar from what you get with the regular vanilla essence/flavor you get from stores. Really different. But they’re so hard to get (and so expensive here in Singapore! Le sigh~)
Okay, back to the topic at hand…

Banana Chocolate

Ahhh. An all time favorite combination. Who doesn’t love the good ol’ banana and chocolate combi! Again, sooooo sinful yet so good! I’m not a lover of matcha green tea ice cream but my GF said it was good, and she left it to the last to slowly savor it…

Merry Berry


Merry Berry with hazelnut ice cream

Before I go on… let’s take a look at the closeup of this baby…


All those fresh strawberries and blueberries! ♡

This was my choice of waffles. I wanted to go for something chocolate but those 2 ladies already chose it, so I went for this and boy was I pleased with my choice! The maple syrup at the side was the cherry on top, it complemented so well. Strawberries and blueberries were fresh and sweet too. Really hits the spot this one! Absolutely loved it! ♡

And my choice of drink was a Roasted Tea Latte:

It’s basically roasted oolong tea with milk (thus the ‘latte’). Not my wisest choice but I thought I’d go with something different… the smell was really overpowering, and I only managed to get through half a cup.
Buuuuut, that elephant on top! Ain’t it cute!!

First a play, then waffles – this is the life!

Till next time~

♥ Cres


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