October 2013 Bellabox

Once again, it took me so long to reveal my October bellabox…

Bellabox turns 2!


Here you see a collage of their past year’s theme. Beautiful no?

And because this month is so special, even the packaging is special!


Oh, did I mention that we got a free Cosmopolitan Magazine too? Sweet!

So here’s what’s in my Bellabox bella-pouch:


Let’s get to the nitty gritties…

1) Elizabeth Arden Untold eau de parfum spray, 1.5ml


Said to be a “sensual floral scent” and “fit for the modern woman”. I caught a sniff of it and I quite like it. It’s not too floral-y sweet, which I quite like. But I don’t think I’ll wear it on a day-to-day gotowork basis. It’s a lil strong for me.
For daily wear, I prefer lighter scents.
But this I would wear for dates or just going out after work.

30ml/$69 ; 50ml/$95 ; 100ml/$119

2) Jacqueline Burchell, 2 x 5ml


It’s nail polish! Eek! Can you tell my excitement?
Oh and I heard about this brand before. One of my nail gals over on Instagram was asking me about it some months ago. She had nothing but raving comments on how fantastic this is. So I am super excited to receive this!! I need to try these soon!! Glittery goodness! And it’s also 3-free! Plusssss, it’s researched and developed here on our very lil island Singapore! Super stoked!
(See what nail polish does to me?)

15ml/$18 ~ $26 (per their website)

3) Indio Cosmeceutical Renew Cream,10ml


Seems to be “suitable for all skin types”. It’s an “anti-aging cream designed to soften, gently exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin”. This sounds interesting, and I always enjoyed the exfoliating feeling for my face. Will try this one soon!


4) Veet, 25gms


This is quite a famous brand of shaving cream. Blade-less shaving too. I haven’t tried it before, but seeing that now I have 2 of these (1 from my gift box last month), I will give it a go!


5) Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel, trial pack


It’s a gel mask apparently! That helps “rebuild skin’s elasticity”.
It also claims to “detoxify, hydrates and exfoliates the skin, resulting in brighter and youthful looking skin”!


6) L’oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil, 3.5ml


Lightweight,  instant shine, nourishing protection. Makes hair more gorgeous and manageable.
Oh I hope this works!


So here it is, my October Bellabox.

What did you get for yours?

♥ Cres


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