Foodie time with le mummy ♡

Goooooooood morning/afternoon/evening (depending on where you are and what time you’re reading this) 🙂

So I took the day off yesterday and spent some time with my mum. We went in search for foooooood.

First up, Bear Bites @ *SCAPE


This hails from Taiwan, famous in one of its night markets, and it’s now in Singapore!
I first saw this on a local paper when they first started out. And the pictures were just too cute!
I tried to bug the boyfriend to go with me but he wasn’t interested, at all. Boo.
Then, on Tuesday night, a food show on Channel 8 recommended it and that is how I convinced my mum to go with me.

The first thing you see right outside is these signs:



We ordered 1 set to share.
We went with the Chicken + Oat bun + Mushroom sauce meal (I.e. fries and a bottle of green tea) – $8 (the sauce was $0.20).





It’s like eating “kong ba pao” (a type of bun with braised pork – picture of it later) but with fried chicken. That was the idea that inspired this actually – the fusion of Western and Asian.
The bun was really soft! But the chicken was….not really well marinated. I munched on a part that was tasteless and one part was marinated… so that could be improved I suppose 🙂
As for the fries, I’m not a fan cuz it’s all soggy.
Overall it was a nice experience! But am not sure if I’ll go back there anytime soon.
Oh and this is the “kong ba pao” I was referring to…


This was dinner tonight!
Usually it’s without the roman lettuce but I like to add some in mine to make it crunchy and it helps with the taste 🙂

Back to yesterday….

Next stop – dessert!
We headed to Taiwan Xiao Chi at Centrepoint.
Again, the food show the night before featured their dessert – one of my all time fav Taiwanese dessert – sweet potato and yam chewy balls 蕃薯和芋圆 (not sure how to describe it…)


White - Yam; Orange - Sweet Potato


Pretty disappointed on first looks

But, boy were we disappointed…
1) out of 3 base choices, there was only 1 left (warm grass jelly) as the cold options were “out of stock”
2) the “warm” grass jelly is cold on the inside… so…that’s not really warm now is it…
3) I wanted to get this “mango and coconut noodle ” dessert – sounds interesting no? BUT, the coconut noodles was (again) out of stock

So we got this instead…


Which was like chicken floss, some egg and cauliflower with some chilli flakes wrapped around with instant prata (those frozen one you can get in supermarkets).
Nope, not impressed.

The dessert was alright…. nothing fantastic, nothing like the one advertised on TV….
I much prefer the one at Blackball. That IS da bomb. I need to go back there and get one soon…
And well, you should know how I feel about the other one…

In the evening, we went to have some hor fun!


This is yummy! A lil salty, but it was gooooooood. So at least our day ended well!

So there it was, my foodie day with le mummy. It’s nice spending time with her after a hectic period at work 🙂

Oh, and happy mid autumn festival!
Here is what I bought for my mum…


And this is what she made! Shanghai yam mooncakes!


Look at the moon tonight! It’s exceptionally round and bright 🙂

So what did you do today?
What’s your latest food adventure?
Would you give the Bear Bites a try?

Till next time!

♥ Cres


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