NOTD – Liquid Sky Lacquer Iris Illusion (Final! Part 4 of 4)


Finally, the final swatch from Carolyn’s package – it is….. *drumroll* the beautiful thermal Iris Illusion!


Spotlight on Iris Illusion

Let’s take a look at some bottle shots…


This looks seemingly pensive no?


Iris Illusion is a beautiful thermal polish that changes from a dusty periwinkle blue when warm to a gorgeous purple when cold!
And did I mention there’s a holo quality to it? Yes! It’s a scattered holo beauty! And that holo sparkles right and bright especially in the cold purple state!!

It’s hot here in Singapore, we have sun almost all year round. So I’ve been seeing mostly blue of this polish. But, when I’m in the office, and it’s all cold, the purple shines! This is the only time I am thankful of the strong AC in the office. Haha.

Now the swatches (and hopefully my photos don’t go all wonky again…)






With flash


You can almost see the various transition states in this last picture here. Almost.

And some extra photos to see the purple goodness!


Dipping my fingers in ice cold water and the purple appears in an instant!


Purple with flash!

And here I made a collage of the transition…


This is my first thermal polish! And I love it! The polish itself was a little thick but I believe I read somewhere that this is a norm for thermal polishes because of the pigments and stuff. But application wasn’t a problem.
This is 3 coats, topped with 1 coat of HK Girl topcoat.
Dry time was a little longer. Took me about 15 mins for the surface to be more or less dry.
But the outcome was well worth it. It’s just so damn beautiful! ♡

Remember with thermals, you should always store in a cool place. Definitely not under direct light and heat.

This can be purchased at Mei Mei Signatures when restocked (currently out of stock).
Check this out along with other beauties at Liquid Sky Lacquer.

And this marks the end of my Liquid Sky Lacquer swatchathon. A big thank you once again to Carolyn, the talent behind Liquid Sky Lacquer for sending me these beauties for review. I hope to review your other pretties too! ^-^

So, have you tried any thermals? Which are your favorites?

Till next time!

♥ Cres


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