NOTD – Liquid Sky Lacquer Shanel’s Cyan, Swatched (Part 2 of 4)

It’s Monday again here in Singapore!
I apologise for the lack of posts. The past week was hectic for me at work. I end work at around midnight on average and even had to go back during weekends. So I am exhausted….

But here I am again, bringing you another beautiful color from Carolyn at Liquid Sky Lacquer – Shanel’s Cyan.

Every bottle from Carolyn is carefully placed in a bag like such:


And now… the bottle shots…


And the close-ups… (spot the rainbow!)


Under natural sunlight, beautiful teal/cyan color ♥


Blurred rainbow goodness!


Just look at that!


Cyan – the in between of blue and green. It’s a beautiful shade, and it’s been one of my recent favorite shades (teals/mints/cyan – you get the idea)
Then…. holo is added to the mix. How can I not love it??!

Let’s swatch it already!




With flash


Indoors with natural light

Oh just look at that!
My mum complimented this color this morning before I left for work!

2 coats was enough for sub-opacity – meaning it looks opaque, but i still spot VNL (visible nail line) at certain angles…
And hence, I did 3 coats. Only then did the full potential shiiiiiine! The color was brought out to its maximum and so was the holo!
Dry time was normal, was still a little tacky after about 7 mins or so but I topped it off with HK Girl top coat by Glisten&Glow and the surface dried instantly! Annnnnd, it helped the holo shine even more!

Well, if you love holo, you love teal/cyan shades, you need to get Shanel’s Cyan!!

It’s available at Mei Mei Signatures (free local shipping; ships internationally) and of course on Carolyn’s Liquid Sky Lacquer site.
The topcoat is also available on both Mei Mei Signatures and Glisten and Glow.

Have you tried Shanel’s Cyan and/or HK Girl Topcoat? What are your thoughts? Let me know!

Till next time!

♥ Cres


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