IKYU – where modern creativity meets japanese

Hello! It’s already Friday! Weekends ahead! Anyone has plans as of yet?

Well today, I’m gonna bring you some photos from my visit at Ikyu some time ago.

Ikyu is a little restaurant along the less roamed around places in Tiong Bahru. It has this huuuuuge and very heavy metal door that has proven to be difficult to open from the outside. But no worries, when you’re lingering around the door, their friendly staff will open the door for you and welcome you in.

Stepping in, everyone shouts welcome in japanese, not like the usual japanese restaurants around here.
The interior is a mix of warm tones and metal – industrial would be the right description. Somehow it’s a pretty soothing and comfortable ambience.

The menu exterior is beautiful.


Just 2 pages of worded menu, the feel is much like a mix between fine and casual dining in my opinion. There’s not much of a description of what exactly the listed menu items are, so the addition of that may be useful for first timers.

So here is what we ordered:







The food was really yummy. I prefer the sides to the main.
The pork and asparagus was…perfection. thin slices of pork wrapped around the crunchy asparagus. Yummmm.

You can learn more about the restaurant at their website.

Have you been to Ikyu? What are your thoughts? Let me know 🙂

♥ Cres


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