Froyo yo!

Happy mid week! We survived the first half of the week!

Work has taken a toll on me, but it ain’t the peak yet. Next week…. that’s the “terrible” part. Long hours and late nights, here I come.

So anyways…
After lunch, me and a colleague went to Red Mango to get some froyo! We both got the original flavor, hers topped with mango while mine topped with banana crunch.


Froyoooooooo~ ★

Yummmmm. It was my first time trying the banana crunch topping and I love it! I want MOOOOOOORE! And I’m now craving for Banana Nut Crunch cereal too (._.)

Well I’m hoping to do my nails soon, I’m still wearing the Lilas one… it’s holding on pretty good I must say, no visible chips no displacement of glitter! To think I didn’t use a topcoat!

On a separate note, I received an email from Kiroi (owner of Kiroi Cheese Cake) saying that there were new faces going down to the shop in Golden Mile since 2 days ago! The owner thinks my posting and review helped! So yay to you readers! I’m hoping to drop by for a visit soon 🙂

Have you tried anything from Kiroi Cheese Cake? Let me know what you think!

Well now we have 2 more days till the weekend! If I can do it, you can too!

♥ Cres


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