Stamping Stamping – the review

Hello again! Hope you’re having / have had a great weekend 🙂

So I finally got down to testing out my stamps. And well… there were some ups and downs…

Here are the ones I bought:


The Ballerina and Fairy DIY set


Miss and Mr Stamp


The long wooden stamps


The inkpads

Let the picture do the talking, shall we:




Well, overall, the black and the silver inkpads worked the best.

As for the stamps, they all stamped well. BUT, both the fairy set and the Miss and Mr stamp set didn’t stick well.
They are both DIYs, so you gotta stick the rubber stamp part to the sponge/wood. That part didn’t stick well. I believe they may have been in stock for too long – thus the gooey sticky (but don’t stick well) part.

Oh, and for the ink pads, the pink one is waaaaay too watery…
I can only stamp blobs:


As for the gold ink pad…. totally doesn’t work.
You’d think that the gold one would stand out in black like the silver one did, but no, it turned out just plain oily…


And so I thought, maybe it’ll stamp well enough on a white background…


And then I was disappointed again…

My conclusion:
Go for the non DIY stamps – like the long stamps. They stamp well, and you don’t have to worry about sticking them on securely.
As for the inkpads, if you’re just looking for regular paper stamping, you can actually get a variety at Daiso:


The orange ones you see above all came from here. I believe this is water based, so it may appear a little sheer when stamped.

Let me know if you have any tips on stamping! Or if you have had some recent stamping project.

Have a great week ahead!

♥ Cres


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