Of Cheesecake and Red Ruby


Remember I posted about Kiroi’s Cheese Cake yesterday? Well I tried it straight out from the fridge today!

Firstly, some pictures…


Straight from the box...




A slice of cheesy goodness

It is soft and fluffy! The cheese taste is just right, really light and yummy.
The owner told me that by eating it right after taking out from the fridge, the cheese taste would stand out more. Whereas if you eat it straight out from the oven, it tastes more egg than cheese.
I helped myself to a second slice straight away after finishing my first. It’s simply irresistible!

On another note, I had a family gathering tonight and my uncle bought me Red Ruby! No, not the jewel, it’s a thai dessert (though mine is not the authentic Thai one)


That red thing is the “red ruby”, it’s actually water chestnut bits covered with a jelly/gelatin like substance.
I have been craving it for weeks now, and I must say my craving is rightly satisfied now.

What’s your favorite dessert? Or what have you been craving for lately? Leave me a note and let me know 🙂

Tomorrow, I will be reviewing the stamp sets I got last week, so stay tuned!

♥ Cres


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