Of neons and cupcakes

Happy Friday y’all!

I took the day off today, and spent some time with the family.
I was all dressed up in my neon gear!


Neon top, neon nails. Woot!
And I wore that beautiful necklace that was gifted to me a by my Aussie friend Stace.
This is the first time that I actually wore something neon – i.e. my neon pink top.

Anyways… we went to Singapore Expo. And there was a little food fair (Food of Asia 2013) going on in Hall 4.
We walked around and then spotted this stall with the cutest cupcake!

Have you ever seen a mini macaroon on a cupcake?
I just did, today.
And so we bought 2 boxes of cupcakes, one full of oreo, and one of the macaroon ones (they named it Macaron).

The oreo one:


While oreo seems to be a common flavor in cupcakes and cheesecakes alike, this one did not stand out. In fact, the cream was a little too buttery and left a very strong aftertaste.
The base cake was dense but good.

Let’s move on to the Macaron:


And closer…


Annnnnd even closer:


That is so cute! I really love how it looks.

I love this one, and not only for how it looks. That mini macaroon tasted great! It really shows that they pay attention to the lil details. The cream on this was just right for me, sprinkled with red-colored sugar adds that lil extra sweetness.
The base, again was dense, but tasted really good.
Oh, and it was pretty filling. (Due to the base cake I think)

Their specialty is their “Freshly Baked Cheesecake” that we also bought 1 box of. When test-tasting it there, it was all light and fluffy. The staff recommended chilling it before serving so that the cheese flavor would stand out more.

Nothing to do this weekend? Why not head on down to see and taste for yourself?
I am absolutely not affiliated with them in any way, but just thought you may wanna go down and take a look.

Cheesecake – $8 / box
Cupcakes (several flavors) – $1.30 / cupcake; $7.60 for a box of 6.

They have a website too, though pretty empty, but I believe their shop location is listed there. Visit them here.

I personally think they should sell macaroons. Cuz  their mini ones really tasted good.

Happy weekend~ ★

♥ Cres


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