NOTD – Chalkboard Nails

So for those who have browsed through my Instagram may have seen that I had a terrible headache last night and thus I didn’t get to post anything.

Today, will be a short one.
Let my nails speak for me then shall we 🙂


Chalkboard nails!! I got inspired by one of my fav nail girls on Instagram @pamelapomelo when she did it a while ago. (You can read her blog here)

I totally did this by chance. I was painting Catrice’s After Eight (a beautiful dark green) on my nails and then I stared at them and thought they did look like our old school chalkboard. Plus I’ve been meaning to do this mani for…months I think! Ever since I first saw them on Pamela. So then I thought to myself, why not!

I’ve got art on my thumb, then math, chinese, science and english on my fingers. I used pastel acrylic paint to paint them and then matte’d them with Essie’s Matte About You.

They remind me of my primary school…. le sigh…

Also! I received my 1st Aussie nailmail from Stace yesterday!
Just look at the stuff she got me!



I love seashells! And these are gorgeous! ♥


Just look at that last cabachon! Isn’t it perfect? She used Picture Polish’s Hope with some glitter to make it pop. Oh I love everything so much!!! ♥♥♥♥

I gotta get her package packing!

And now I shall go wash up after a long day at work. The headache seems to be back again 😦

So have you tried chalkboard nails? Have you tried nailmail? Let me know about your experience! Good and bad. I had a bad one myself….

Till next time ♡

♥ Cres


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