Sunday Macaroon Day ♥

Today was a beautiful Sunday!
Just look at these clouds!


I’m a cloud lover, so that made my day. Haha.

Then my mum got me some macaroons from Delifrance! I’m not a big macaroon fan but they’re so pretty to photograph!
This was my box:


Purple = Praline (I think)
Pink = Rose
White = Vanilla
Brown = Chocolate

Then, my sis exchanged some with me and I got more colors!


Yellow = Lemon
Light Brown = Coffee

And then I took just a couple more pictures of these pretty colors…



Macaroon pastel rainbow ♡

Well I love the purple one the best, then the chocolate. The coffee one had a really strong and distinct coffee smell, and it smells really good. I gave that to my mum since she’s a coffee lover, and she needs to share what she got us! ^^

After that, my day was just all tidying the rooms and household chores. So I haven’t gotten a chance to play with my stamps yet 😦 I hope I will be able to do it soon…

So about macaroons, where do you think has the best macaroons? I haven’t tried any others before, so let me know!

Have a great week ahead!

♥ Cres


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