Today’s post is all about foooooooooood! (Told you I was random, so thank you all for sticking with me thus far!)

The boyfriend and I went to T3 for an early dinner today. Maybe I should call it a…. ummmm…. lunner? Linner?
Okay, aaaaaanyway….

So he wanted to try Ramen Champion for a while now, so when we saw one at T3, we thought, “why not?” And we trotted along to the empty eatery.

The staff were chatting amongst themselves, and weren’t really all smiles but that didn’t matter today cuz we just wanted to get some ramen in our bellies.
I liked the whole ambience inside. Very casual, and all wood-like, with a few lantern-lightings here and there. I should’ve taken a photo of it…

So we went around to the different stalls….
(for those unfamiliar with Ramen Champion, it’s more like a self-service kinda place, similar to Marché’s concept with the whole card and all. So you place an order and the chef will record it in the card and you just bring the card to the counter to bill after your meal)
And after walking around twice, we settled for this one…


We placed our order and were given a timer, and went back to our seat to wait.



I like the firey design on the card!

So after waiting for like… 7 to 10 mins, the timer vibrated and off he went to collect our food.

So here is what I had – the original in miso soup :


And he had the spicy one, with shoyu soup:


And our side dish – Prawn Tofu:


My say:
Well, for starters, I am not a big ramen fan, I’m more of a udon lover.
First taste, the soup was pretty salty, but well it IS miso. The ramen was not the usual kind at other common Japanese restaurants, but of a more thicker and flatter kind.
There was a generous portion of cabbage and bean sprout which really sweetens the whole taste. And the meat was not too bad.
It’s a huge bowl to me, by about one-third or almost half the bowl, I’m already pretty full. So I just finished up the ramen and some of the bean sprouts and I’m stuffed.

The prawn tofu reminded me of cheese tofu. It’s basically fish paste mixed with tofu, slapped with a few small shrimps and them fried. It’s simple and nice.
(But I found a small sharp fish bone inside so be careful when having that yea)

So for me, it was a nice experience, at least now I see what the hype is about.
But I may not go back to have another bowl anytime soon. Maybe a long while later…

Interested to know more about Ramen Champion? Check out their website here.

We ended the meal with a hot Teh-C (tea with evaporated milk) from Yakun.


And after writing this, I have a sudden craving for Kaya toast…. not the Yakun one, but the ones my mom makes…. (note to self: hunt for brown bread)

Well that’s all I have for today! I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Have you tried Ramen Champion? What are your thoughts?
And where, in your opinion, serves one of the best ramen? Link me and let me know!

Till next time~

♥ Cres


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