NOTD – Of Holos and Flowers ★

Hello again!

I’m still a newbie in blogging like this, so do bear with me! And I hope you’ve enjoyed my last post as much as I did writing it 🙂

My new job is taking up a lot of my energy and time so much so that when I opened up my nail polish containers to choose what color I should paint my nails, nothing interested me. That’s….pretty bad to be honest. So many pretty colors but nothing caught my eye.

So in times like these, I often turn to… holo polish. Yes, that beautiful little rainbow in every bottle. It always get to me.

It’s hard to get hold of holo polishes here in Singapore, even if you do (online), they often range around $20 or more….
So I’m really blessed to have nailmail buddies!
My holos were all sent to me by my dearest dongsaeng, Vida (IG – @vi___). And the very first time I put it on, I fell in love instantly. period.

And for my nails, I used Color Club’s Kismet as my base and then attempted some floral patterns on it as well! I tried the “one stroke” method to create the blue and yelllow ones, and then just randomly drew the roses on my pointer and ring finger…


Initially, I was thinking… mehhh… I screwed it up.
But I’m starting to take a liking for it. It’s not the usual kinda nailart I do, but that messiness turned out…kinda alright, right?

More pictures~



Just look at that holo background! Holos make me feel all good inside 🙂

Oh, and using the one stroke technique, I tried to draw a butterfly too…


Well, I had fun painting them, so I’m happy.
And I had a few colleagues who asked if they were stickers, so that made me happy too ^-^

So what do you think of them?
Have you tried the one stroke technique before? Link them to me so I can see!

Till next time….

♥ Cres


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